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Scalp Acne and How to Treat It

Scalp Acne and How to Treat It Scalp Acne and How to Treat It

Acne does not only appear on your face or other exposed parts of your body, many people also suffer back acne, vaginal acne, or even scalp acne. Scalp acne is probably one of the most frustrating types of acne to cure since it is in your hair, and hard to reach.

But since our scalps are also made of skin, then acne can appear on the scalp and will need to be treated as a special type of acne because of it is location. One mild form of scalp acne called scalp folliculitis which appears more often on people than they think and which is more likely to appear when a person is experiencing stress. This stress causes lots of oil buildup in the hair, and will further be aggravated if not washed often and thoroughly.Appearing on the hairline on your forehead, many of the little pimple-like pustules appear and become crusty, itchy, and painful when picked at. A more severe form of scalp acne is acne necrotica miliaris wherein the pustules become more like cystic acne and form crust that is black in color which can leave behind terrible acne scars. Regardless of sex or age, scalp acne can affect anyone.Some ways to treat scalp acne is to clean the affected area with salicyclic acid to dry it out. Probably the ones you can treat are the ones on the hairline where you can reach the bothersome scalp acne pustules with a cotton ball. It is also a good idea to pick shampoos that address oily hair to further reduce the buildup of oil in your scalp and mane. When you have scalp acne, try not to get a hair dye treatment just yet, since chemicals used in that will irritate your scalp. If you are experiencing severe scalp acne, it would be best to visit your dermatologist or specialist to find out the best ways you can treat you type of scalp acne.

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