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Review of Blue Light Therapy for Acne

Review of Blue Light Therapy for Acne Review of Blue Light Therapy for Acne


Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, blue light therapy is now being widely used to treat acne. Due to the effectiveness of this therapy in killing bacteria, many acne sufferers who use it have found that their need to apply ointments and creams has been reduced and, in some cases, alleviated.


With no ultraviolet light involved, blue light treatment is typically given in 15-minute sessions for up to two weeks or more. Light measuring 405 to 420nm is applied to infected areas and has not been known to be harmful to the skin.

Application Types

While some patients prefer to be treated with blue light through a medical practitioner, others prefer to apply the treatment at home. Several blue light therapy models exist that can be applied without the extra cost of seeing a doctor. Most models are sold, as of 2010, in the $190 to $300 range and are easy to use.

Side Effects

While evidence that blue light therapy causes skin damage does not exist, patients do experience temporary flushing of treated areas and minor dryness. Blue light therapy is effective against the common acne-causing bacteria, P. acnes. However, patients suffering from nodulocystic acne lesions are usually not advised to use blue light treatments, as the light could make the lesions worse.

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