Acne treatment Acne treatment

Removal Tools for Acne

Removal Tools for Acne Removal Tools for Acne

Acne affects 85 percent of individuals age 12 to 24. Adulthood does not guarantee the disappearance of pimples, as over 25 percent of adults older than 24 continue to have problems with the condition. There are a number of tools that you can use to help remove acne. Some of these tools should only be used by a trained professional.

Blue and Other Light Sources

The Mayo Clinic states that a low-intensity blue light destroys certain types of acne. The blue light source is drawn to the skin and the procedure is quick and painless. The tool may leave your skin a little bit dry, and ongoing treatment is necessary so the acne does not come back. Pulse light therapy also destroys certain types of acne and shrinks the glands so the skin condition doesn't return.


According to The Mayo Clinic, a diode laser can be used to destroy glands in the skin that cause acne. This treatment can cause pain, so it's usually done by a professional who applies anesthesia to the skin before using the laser.


Chemicals that get rid of dead skin cells can remove pimples and help prevent future breakouts. The Mayo Clinic points out that glycolic acid or salicylic acid have both demonstrated effectiveness in the battle against acne. Used during a chemical peel, these substances can create temporary redness and blistering.

Blemish Extractors

These stainless steel tools are designed to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads without resorting to "popping" them by hand, which may lead to permanent scars. After dipping the tool in rubbing alcohol, you can use it to press gently on the blemished area and remove the debris.

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