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Remergent Skin Care

Remergent Skin Care Remergent Skin Care


"What makes people look youthful is the quality of their skin and I don't think you can change that," British writer Nigella Lawson once said. With a multibillion dollar anti-aging industry, millions of people are trying to change their skin by reaching for products to delay or reverse the aging process. Remergent offers a line of anti-aging and skin resurfacing products that utilize DNA technology.


The Remergent line of skin products was created by AGI Dermatics, a bio-pharmacetical laboratory that was founded by molecular biologist Daniel B. Yarosh in 1985. The company aims to provide relief and treatment for skin diseases and combat the effects of aging by using the latest technology to develop skin care products. The main focus of Remergent skin products is photobiology research, the study of biological effects of sunlight on skin. AGI owns more than 24 patents and applications covering liposome dermatics, DNA repair enzyme technology and skin therapy.

How It Works

Remergent's DNA repair products contain DNA repair enzymes that are supposed to revitalize and repair cells that are damaged by the sun and aging. Many of Remergent's anti-aging products include a liposome delivery system that infuses botanical ingredients directly into the user's skin cells. One such ingredient is ergothioneine, an anti-oxidant found in mushrooms. The goal of Remergent's anti-aging products is to reduce age spots, fine lines, under eye fatigue, sun damage, irritation and dryness, and promote skin cell regeneration.


Remergent skin care products include several options for fighting the effects of aging, including Antioxidant Refoliator, A.M. Moisture SPF 15, Advanced Retinol Therapy, Barrier Repair Formula, Clarifying Concentrate, Complete Cleanser, DNA Repair Formula, High Intensity SPF 30, Microcirculation Eye Therapy and Progressive Retinol Complex. Remergent products are available through Remergent's website and other skin care sites, as well as in dermatologists' offices. Prices are about $100 for an ounce or two of DNA repair product as of 2010.


In addition to combating the effects of sun and aging, Remergent offers products to even out skin tones and rectify problems such as hyperpigmentation, a condition characterized by darkened areas of the skin. Some Remergent products include retinol, a form of vitamin A that offers skin-boosting benefits.


Consult your dermatologist to discuss the best skin care options for your age, skin type and condition. If you experience any rashes, pain, redness, peeling or allergic reactions from a Remergent product, discontinue use and see your dermatologist. According to the Truth in Aging website, Remergent DNA Repair Formula includes ingredients that may be irritating to the skin, with preservatives such as phenoxyethanol.

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