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Remedy for Acne Blemishes

Remedy for Acne Blemishes Remedy for Acne Blemishes Remedy for Acne Blemishes


Acne is a common skin problem affecting millions of individuals worldwide. It affects the glands that produce sebum (your skin oil) and hair follicles. When sebum accumulates in your follicles, usually due to bacterial infections and accumulation of skin cells, they become clogged and inflamed. Acne can appear anywhere on the body, but commonly appears on your face, neck, back and chest. When acne begins to heal, blemishes are formed. If left untreated, these blemishes can darken over time, causing unsightly skin discolorations. Fortunately, there are methods to get acne blemishes under control.

Step 1

Apply an over-the-counter exfoliating cream to the skin affected by acne blemishes. Exfoliation is the technique of eliminating the surface layer of skin. When purchasing exfoliating creams, look for the chemical alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) complex, which is the primary ingredient that fades away skin discolorations.

Step 2

Apply an over-the-counter bleaching cream on the affected areas. Bleaching creams contain a potent chemical called hydroquinone, which is known to lighten skin. Massage the cream on the acne blemishes for 5 minutes twice daily or as directed. You can purchase bleaching creams at any large chain drugstore. Ask the pharmacist to help you choose the appropriate bleaching cream for your skin type.

Step 3

Get a chemical peel. This technique is performed by a dermatologist and involves applying an acid solution, such as beta hydroxy acid, to the affected areas. After the treatment, your skin will begin to peel, and new skin will form in about 4 to 5 days. Results can be seen in 3 to 4 weeks.

Step 4

Apply sunscreen lotion with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or above. Applying sunscreen will prevent the acne blemishes from darkening further. Always apply it 30 minutes before heading outdoors.

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