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Remedies for Removing Pimple Scars

Remedies for Removing Pimple Scars Remedies for Removing Pimple Scars

If you have suffered with acne in the past, you may notice acne scars lingering on your skin. If your acne scars are pink, red or brown, they may fade over the next 12 months, says the Mayo Clinic. If your scars create a divot in your skin, however, these marks are likely permanent. Consult a dermatologist to determine the best treatment for the scars on your skin.


The Mayo Clinic recommends dermabrasion to remove both surface acne scars and deeper scars. Dermabrasion is a procedure performed by a dermatologist that removes the top layer of skin with an abrasive tool. When the new layer of skin grows back, the area will appear smoother and more even. According to medical website,, it takes between 10 days and three weeks for the new layer of skin to heal completely.

Laser Treatments recommends laser treatments to reduce acne scars. A laser treatment is performed by a dermatologist and can usually be done in the doctor's office. During a laser treatment, the top layer of skin is removed, and the middle layer of skin is tightened. When the top layer of skin grows back, the skin will appear smoother and tighter. Depending on the specific acne scars, you may require more than one laser treatment for the procedure to be completely effective.

Collagen Fillers

For pitted acne scars, which are acne scars that create a small divot in the skin, laser treatments and dermabrasion may not completely remove the scar. Instead, your dermatologist may recommend collagen fillers. According to the Mayo Clinic, collagen fillers are injected into the afflicted area to help stretch out the skin and make the pitting less noticeable. Eventually, the collagen filler will dissolve and more collagen will need to be injected.

Punch Excision

The Mayo Clinic recommends punch excisions for large, deep acne scars. A punch excision is a surgical procedure that cuts a small area of skin around the scar completely away. For smaller punch excisions, a few stitches will close the area. For larger procedures, a small piece of skin may be grafted from another area of the body and then stitched in place. Punch excisions are generally only used for one scar and are not used to treat clusters of scars.

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