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Remedies for Body Acne

Remedies for Body Acne Remedies for Body Acne

Acne can occur on all areas of the body. Your skin consists of hair follicles that contain sebaceous glands that produce oil that coats the skin's surface and keep the skin smooth and supple. However, your sebaceous glands can produce excess amounts of oils or become plugged with dead skin cells and cause acne to occur on the body.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

Alpha hydroxy acids include glycolic, lactic and citric acids. These acids can be applied to the skin and help to loosen the "glue" that hold the dead skin cells to the body, which can reduce clogged pores. recommends using a 10 percent alpha hydroxy acid lotion/cream to the skin after washing and drying the skin. In higher concentrations, glycolic acid peels can be applied as a means to remove whiteheads and blackheads a patient experiences, according to

Topical Applications

Additional cream or gel applications that can be rubbed over body acne include benzoyl peroxide, which works to dry up the oil found in the skin's pores, according to They also kill bacteria found inside the pores, which can further exacerbate acne. Other treatments that can reduce clogging in the pores include salicylic acid and sulfur. also recommends using an anti-acne body cleanser on areas that may be difficult to treat, such as your back, because the cleanser can flow down the back. The soap can then be washed off your body.


Accutane is a prescription form of isotretinoin, which is a highly potent product that shrinks oil glands and reduce bacteria in the sebaceous glands, according to, according to This treatment often is recommended for those who have severe cases of body acne that have not been successfully treated with over-the-counter medications. However, women who may become or are pregnant should not use Accutane because it has been linked with birth defects.

Lifestyle Changes

Some day-to-day activities can help you to reduce the incidence of body acne without over-the-counter or invasive treatments. These include always taking a shower after intense periods of sweating to rinse the excess oil and dead skin cells that can be produced while sweating. You should wear loose, breathable clothing, such as cotton clothing, that can wick away sweat. While exfoliation is an important part of reducing the incidence of dead skin cells on the body, it is important not to over-exfoliate the skin on the body because this can make acne worse, according to

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