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Remedies for Acne

Remedies for Acne Remedies for Acne Remedies for Acne

I am sure you are tired of the acne prone skin. You want effective remedies for acne. The problem is there are so many bad remedies for acne.  So what is the acne solution for me? Most acne is caused by puberty and the hormones that change your skins oil production. Acne is very unpleasant problem to have in your life but if you work hard towards making your skins health better.

You get people with very severe to very mild. You have to work harder on your skin than anyone else. The sad thing is you see some guys and girls that haven’t bathed in a year and don’t have one zit. It’s really not your fault so work hard and kill that acne. There are trained professions that can treat acne with antibiotics and other drugs. So here I have provided the best know remedies that work from mild to severe acne. My plan with this article is to put you on the way to your skin being acne free forever. Some of these treatments for acne are very effective in curing acne from mild to severe.

The first step that is the most important remedies for acne is to have the correct hygiene. I recommend you use a mild antibacterial face wash. The face wash is used to wash all the acne coursing bacteria on your skin. I recommend maybe 3 times a week you exfoliate your skin. I recommend table salt to do this. You can add two teaspoons to your face wash in your hand then your gently message your face until it’s smooth and free of dead skin.

Do not press too hard be gentle and slowly. Well there are many exfoliating products on the market. The best one to choose is a mild chemical free exfoliating gel. After your daily cleans you should use an alcohol free skin toner. The skin toner will close up your pours making you produce less oil and preventing your pours from getting clogged again. Skin toner may dry out your skin so it’s important to apply mild moisturizer to your skin and watch your skins oil levels when they get over board just wash your face.

Here is a one of the very effective remedies for acne. This treatment for acne can aid to anyone’s skin, this can effectively treat acute acne. You need to get some oats and oils called which hazel, tea tree, sandalwood and almond oil that you combine together to have a face mask that will balance your oils production and give your skin the correct nutrition.

When your acne starts to developed you may want to search for effective remedies for acne. There are a lot of remedies for acne that you can get over the counter at the drug store One of the most popular remedies for acne for acne benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If you want to go this way I recommend benzyl peroxide.

The way to use this is to wash your faces, apply it and it will kill all the acne bacteria and don’t use too much of it just a smudge over your pimples will ease them shortly. Just never ever not wash your skin and try control your oil levels. When you don’t wash you face while doing this it could do harm. So wash smudge then maintain and wash again at night and smudge again.

There are many effective drugs that can be used to cure your acne but for some acne suffers the will need some prescription drugs that will kill your acne forever.

There are many effective antibiotics that are known to be a great remedy for acne. The problem with antibiotic is they are long term treatment for acne and it is known to bring down the effectively of antibiotics in future infections. The antibiotic have also such side effects as sensitive skin and sun burns can be sever.

One of the most effective treatments is to visit your skin doctor and get him to proscribe Retin-A. Retin-A is the strongest most harmful yet most effective remedy for acne.  This is a form of tropical treatment and it has an 80 percent success rate.

This should be your last resort. This is for server acne, and won’t be prescribed to mild acne suffers. This drug is the pride of dermatologists and is recommend using lots of moisturizing cream. This drug is known to make your skin itchy and flaky and will have pain if you don t moisturizer. This is a long term remedies for acne and you will have a high chance of success.

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