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Remedies for Acne Cysts

Remedies for Acne Cysts Remedies for Acne Cysts

Acne breakouts can appear on the skin in many forms, including as blackheads, pustules and cysts. When acne cysts erupt on the skin, they can cause the skin to feel swollen, irritated, and painful. Because acne cysts are already inflamed, using over-the-counter chemical acne products to clear the skin can further irritation and can exacerbate the skin condition. To effectively eliminate acne cysts, it is helpful to apply a few natural home remedies.

Fragrance-Free Soap

Cystic acne causes the skin to become inflamed and swollen, so using a standard soap on the skin that contains chemical additives, such as artificial perfumes, can exacerbate the cysts. One way to clean the skin without furthering irritation is to use a soap that is free of artificial fragrances or preservatives. When applying the soap, use a gentle touch and avoid scrubbing or rubbing the skin, which can worsen swollen, cystic acne. Cleanse the skin with a fragrance-free soap twice per day; once in the morning and again in the evening.

10 Percent Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

Benzoyl peroxide cream is one of the most effective over-the-counter acne treatments on the market, and works to clear acne by releasing oxygen into the pores, which kills off acne-causing bacteria. There are many different concentrations of benzoyl peroxide cream, including 2.5 percent, 5 percent, and 10 percent strengths. For larger, cystic acne, it is helpful to apply the 10 percent benzoyl peroxide cream directly to the individual acne cysts. Massage a pea-sized amount of cream onto the bumps until it has completely soaked in; it can be re-applied up to two times per day.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is a mineral lotion that has the ability to dry up fluid inside the skin without causing irritation or exacerbating inflammation on the skin. Apply calamine lotion directly to the individual acne cysts, and allow it to dry. The lotion can remain on the skin for up to 3 hours, then rinsed off with warm water. Using calamine lotion to dry up and help eliminate acne cysts can clear the skin without overly drying the skin or causing irritation. In fact, calamine lotion can help reduce the swelling and redness that are typical of acne cysts. Calamine lotion can be used on the skin up to three times per day.

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