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Red Pimple-Like Bumps on the Waistline

Red Pimple-Like Bumps on the Waistline Red Pimple-Like Bumps on the Waistline


Red pimple-like bumps on the waistline can be frustrating, painful and unsightly. They can be caused by various factors and conditions, some of which require the treatment of a medical professional. Therefore, it is important to understand what can cause these bumps to occur on the waist and how they can be remedied.


Pimple-like bumps on the waist area can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms. These can include itchiness, scaling, swelling, skin irritation, dryness and patchiness. These bumps can be filled with a pus material that can form a white head at the tip. If this tip bursts open, the sore can get crusty and inflamed. Bumps can also develop on other areas of the body, including the face, arms, knees, elbows and legs.


Many conditions can result in pimple-like bumps on the waist. Contact dermatitis can develop if the waist area comes into direct contact with an irritating substance such as dye in clothing, detergents, latex, soaps or poison ivy. Seborrheic dermatitis, caused by extreme temperatures, infrequent bathing or lotions that contain alcohol, can also cause pimple-like bumps. They can also be the result of conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, impetigo or shingles.


The MedlinePlus website notes that bumps on the skin can often be treated with the application of calamine lotion, anti-dandruff shampoo, oatmeal bath products, thick moisturizing lotions or 1 percent hydrocortisone cream. Also, a doctor can prescribe an oral antibiotic or anti-fungal cream to treat bacteria-related rashes such as impetigo. If you suffer from a skin condition like psoriasis, ultraviolet light therapy can be beneficial as well.


To prevent bumps from developing on the waistline, the KidsHealth website recommends avoiding triggers. Make sure your clothing fits properly and doesn't irritate your skin. Refrain from using harsh soaps or scented bath products or lotions. Keep showers and baths short and avoid using hot water, which can dry out the skin and trigger conditions that might cause red bumps. Identify what products and ingredients irritate your skin and try to stay away from them. Because stress can sometimes aggravate skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, learn and practice relaxation methods if needed.


Sometimes red pimple-like bumps on the skin can be a symptom of a serious medical condition that requires the attention of a physician. Seek the help of a doctor if the bumps persist for longer than four weeks. In addition, contact a physician if the bumps turn blue or purple and do not blanch to white when you press on them. This could be a sign of purpura or petechiae, conditions where the blood vessels beneath the skin rupture.

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