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Reasons to Use Skin Care

Reasons to Use Skin Care Reasons to Use Skin Care

If splashing a little water on your face is your idea of skin care, you may need to know more about the good effects of better care. You don't need to see a dermatologist to achieve healthy skin. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) relates that with just a few basic cosmetic products and knowledge about how to use them, you can avoid common skin problems, premature signs of aging and even skin cancer. In caring for your skin, you'll promote other aspects of good health.


Regular cleansing does more than make you look presentable; it reduces the occurrence of skin irritation, infection and ingrown hair and nails. Doctors at the American Academy of Dermatology say that choosing the right cosmetic product for cleansing is important to healthy skin. Deodorant soaps are okay for the body, unless you have sensitive skin. Using a gentle cleanser, such as a glycerin-based soap, on delicate facial skin won't dry it out like deodorants can.

Gentle facial skin care minimizes the risk of abrasion, cuts and stretching the skin, which may lead to infections, ruptured blood vessels and wrinkles. The AAD advises using lathered fingertips instead of washcloths for cleansing and patting rather than rubbing skin dry with a towel.


Routine skin care and use of sunscreen cosmetic products are the best way to put off and minimize the visible effects of aging skin. Looking young is associated with an absence of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots and sagging tissue. As time and environmental damage take their toll, these symptoms begin to appear. Without proper care, they appear sooner rather than later and may be much worse than they could have been.

Moisturizing creams and lotions are proved to reduce the look of wrinkles. They prevent dryness, which can lead to itchy, scaly, unsightly skin. Dermatologists at the AAD consider daily moisturizing after cleansing as a major contribution to healthy skin and a youthful appearance.


Moisturizing cosmetic products seal out environmental dust and debris while they lock in water. Both of these factors are important to your immune system. The skin acts as a barrier to foreign substances that might harm the body, as well as a seal for internal fluids and nutrients. Using moisturizer daily promotes healthy skin by strengthening this natural barrier, an area that the Skin Cancer Foundation notes is threatened daily by ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Poor hygiene or the wrong skin care products can dry the skin severely, damaging its self-repair abilities and creating irritation at the surface. Caring for skin and protecting it from the sun can prevent contact dermatitis, a painful skin condition, and skin cancer, some forms of which can be deadly.

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