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Quick Acne Removal

Quick Acne Removal Quick Acne Removal


Acne is an inflammatory disease of the skin caused by clogging of the skin pores by dirt or oil. Further swelling can occur when the pores also become infected with bacteria. It most often affects teenagers but people of all ages can get acne. It is best treated by washing your face and using anti-inflammatory items.

Step 1

Wash your face daily with soap and warm water. Rub gently to prevent further skin irritation.

Step 2

Apply tea tree oil to your face daily. Tea tree oil may help limit bacterial growth on your skin which will prevent inflammation.

Step 3

Apply capsaicin cream to your face daily. Capsaicin is an anti-inflammatory substance that will also reduce irritation. Ask your doctor before using capsaicin cream.

Step 4

Use an over-the-counter antibiotic such as enthromycin on your face to prevent infection of your skin pores.

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