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Proper Steps for Skin Care

Proper Steps for Skin Care

Taking care of the skin is important to keeping it healthy and youthful, says Become Gorgeous. This extends beyond the care of facial skin to include all the skin on the body. People with skin conditions that concern them should see a dermatologist for treatment. Otherwise, several basic proper skin care steps are important for healthy skin.


Cleansing the skin is the first, and perhaps, most important step in proper skin care. According to Become Gorgeous, cleansing skin on the body washes off pollutants and prevents the build-up of oils in the skin. Washing facial skin well is important to remove make-up and other products that were used during the day. Derma Doctor says that exfoliating regularly, which is done while cleansing, helps to remove dead skin cells and renew and refresh skin. This can be done on the face and all over the body. Finally, choosing products that are right for your skin type is important for keeping skin healthy.


According to Smart Skin Care, toning is important for people with oily skin because it helps remove excess dirt and make-up after washing. This is generally done only on the face, but can also be done anywhere on the body. Smart Skin Care does not recommend toning for people with dry skin because the alcohol and witch hazel in the toner can further dry out the skin. However, there are toning products that do not contain these ingredients for people who want them.


Once the skin is clean and dry, it is important to use lotion to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Derma Doctor says this is advised even for people with oily skin because all skin needs to be hydrated to keep it healthy and youthful looking. People who take medications or use acne products that dry out the skin are especially advised to use a generous amount of lotion and to massage it in well to provide the best benefits to the skin.


Wearing sunscreen daily is important for proper skin care because it reduces the development and appearance of fine lines and discoloration. It also helps to protect against skin cancer. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a product designed for skin type and that contains both UVA and UVB protection and to reapply it every two hours.

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