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Products That Treat Acne Scars

Products That Treat Acne Scars Products That Treat Acne Scars Products That Treat Acne Scars

Many a teenager has been forced to change her hygiene routine in an effort to manage breakouts of pimples. Although acne typically clears up by the time a person finishes puberty, if acne is severe or cared for improperly, it can result in scarring. Scars are permanent, but some products can minimize their appearance.


Mederma is a gel that softens scarred skin tissue, which helps minimize the appearance of scarring. Gently rub Mederma into the scarred areas three to four times a day. It should be used for eight weeks on new scars and up to three to six months for old scarring. Mederma is an over-the-counter product, so a prescription isn't necessary to buy it. You should, however, consult your physician if you develop any itching, redness or rash in reaction to Mederma and discontinue use of the product right away.

Scarguard MD Treatment

Scarguard MD Treatment is a liquid treatment that's brushed over scarring twice a day. Scarguard contains key ingredients of topical silicone, hydrocortisone and vitamin E which shrink scar tissue, reduce redness and inflammation of the skin, and soften and hydrate scars to minimize their appearance. It's available as an over-the-counter treatment. Consult your physician if you develop any untoward reactions.

Cellex-C High Potency Serum

Cellex-C High Potency Serum is a liquid treatment that should be applied once a day after cleansing and toning. It contains ingredients including vitamin C in the form of isoascorbic acid, zinc and bioflavonoids, all of which are useful in breaking down old, damaged collagen and stimulating the growth of new collagen. Collagen gives skin tissue its firmness and is necessary to maintain the skin's elasticity. Cellex-C High Potency Serum can be purchased without a prescription.

Chemical Peels

According to, chemical peels are "chemical treatments to produce an improved appearance of the face, including acne scars." A chemical peel is applied to the face and allowed to sit on the skin's surface for a period of time, allowing the product to penetrate the skin and break down old skin cells and scar tissue--which allow new skin to come through. The regenerated skin reduces the appearance of scarring. MD Formulations My Personal Peel System or Cellex-C Speed Peel Facial Gel are two products available for home use. The effects of chemical peels are temporary, so they must be done more than once. At-home chemical peels are on the milder end of the chemical peel spectrum. If you want a treatment that's more aggressive, it should be done in a doctor's office.


Accutane is another option available to treat scars left over from acne. According to, Accutane is a medication that contains "high doses of Vitamin A that eliminate oils from the skin, and cuts down on the scarring by eliminating infection." Accutane carries some serious potential side effects, including the risk of birth defects if you are pregnant. For this reason, Accutane is available by prescription only. Your physician should thoroughly discuss all of the risks and benefits to determine the appropriateness of using Accutane as a treatment option for scarring.

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