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Proactiv Acne Care

Proactiv Acne Care Proactiv Acne Care


Both teens and adults rely upon over the counter acne treatments to manage mild to moderate acne. The Proactiv product line includes kits with cleansers, toners, treatment creams, as well as masks and exfoliating scrubs. Proactiv products are sold via the corporate website and TV infomercials. While Proactiv is a good choice for mild to moderate acne, severe acne or acne that does not respond to home treatment merits a visit with a dermatologist.


The Proactiv basic acne care system includes three steps; a cleanser, a toner and a treatment cream. All are used twice daily. Apply the cleanser to dampened skin, then massage into the skin for one to two minutes. Rinse well, then follow with the alcohol free toner. Finally, work a pea sized amount of the treatment lotion into affected areas of your skin.


While the basic three step system is all that is essential for acne treatment, deluxe Proactiv product lines include oil free moisturizers, oil control lotions, refining masks, deep cleansers, and acne spot treatments. Choose the version intended for teens if your skin is quite oily, or opt for the Proactiv Plus Deluxe system for adult or combination skin.


Proactiv products rely upon a proven acne fighting ingredient, benzoyl peroxide. Both the cleanser and the treatment cream in the Proactiv system contain benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient works by reducing the levels of P. acnes bacteria on the skin and drying up excess sebum, or oil, on the skin, according to The treatment cream in the Proactiv system is 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide, a concentration recommended by


While benzoyl peroxide is effective on mild to moderate acne, Proactiv is not the right choice for everyone. The basic system does not include a moisturizer to counteract the dryness and flaking caused by acne treatment. You may also find that the medicated cleanser is a bit harsh for your skin, suggests Cost can also be a factor, as Proactiv's pricing may not be competitive when compared to drugstore products.


Benzoyl peroxide acne treatments may cause a number of side effects. Mild side effects typically resolve over time and include redness, dryness and flaking. More severe side effects can include crusting, blistering, severe redness and discomfort. Long term use may age the skin, according to

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