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Pore Cleanser Review

Pore Cleanser Review Pore Cleanser Review

What To Look For

Pore cleansers are products that clean the pores of the skin from the inside out. The products often contain exfoliating ingredients that provide a deeper clean. When shopping for a cleanser, it's important to find those appropriate for your skin type. A cream-based cleaner, for example, is appropriate for those with dry skin, while those with oily or normal skin types should stick to a foaming cleaner. You should also look for products that do multiple actions, such as a pore cleanser that also reduces acne. Read the reviews, as some products are less successful than the manufacturer claims. Reviews of the cleanser from Proactiv contain both positive and negative reviews, according to Consumer Search.

Common Pitfalls

Using a pore cleanser frequently may result in irritation of your skin. This is especially true of products that exfoliate the skin. Those ingredients may cause your skin to become dry and create red spots, caused by the irritation. It's important to follow up the cleanser with a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. The cleanser rids your pores and skin of impurities, but the moisturizer seals the skin and protects it from further damage. Look for a cleansing system that includes a cleanser and a moisturizer.

Where To Buy

One of the best places to shop for pore cleansers is a department store with a dedicated area for beauty products or a makeup store. The trained staff are experts at helping shoppers pick the best product for their needs, and they can help you find the best pore cleanser to work with your skin type. They can also answer any questions you might have. Shopping at a drugstore is best for those on a budget. The low prices let you try different cleansers until you find one that works for you. You may even find trial sizes available before purchasing a larger bottle.


The manufacturer of the pore cleanser, as well as the store where you purchase it, relates to the cost. Drugstores offer basic products, such as the daily cleanser from Clean & Clear for around $5 (as of 2010). At the same time, department stores offer pore cleansers for $50 or more. You'll also find electronic deep cleansers, which spray your face with a continuous mist to reduce the size of your pores and cleanse the areas. The device includes a rechargeable battery and plugs in for easy charging. This type of device retails for around $50 (as of 2010).

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