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Pimples Under The Skin

Pimples Under The Skin

 Acne is most common problem all over the world. In teen years, it appears first generally on your face. After some times it goes away but in certain cases it stays with you and gets worse after some time. How acne affects a peson is largely related to the skin type of the person.

Acne has different types and those different types of acne also have different degrees of impact. So it is easy to say that acne is a very complex skin disorder. These vary from zits, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads, cysts and nodules. Initially people gets pimples and zits in their first stage of acne. Afterwards it changes into cysts and nodules.

Pimples under the skin are different from general form of pimples which are the more common of the two. They are difficult to pop as they don't have prominent head like blackheads. They are more like bumps on your face that leave a not so smooth surface on your skin. These type of pimples generally leave scars that is why you cannot pop them in any case.

Causes of Pimples under the skin
The reason behind these type of pimples are same as any other type of acne disorder i.e. Imbalance of Hormones. This usually happens in teenagers among men and for women it can be more frequent even in later years during pregnancy and menstrual cycle. Stress is considered as another reason for formation of pimples. This is because androgen, which is produced in the body during stress is the main cause behind acne.

How to get rid of pimples:
What we can do to get rid of it. There is some life style changes through which we can control our condition. Along with these changes one should consult a dermatologist for medications. There are some over the counter products available as well. To treat this condition sufferer should try products which contain benzoyle peroxide and salicilic acid. The problem with these medications is that they have certain pretty severe side effects. There are also a number of natural medications that you can use which are effective and safe.

life style changing tips:
  • Never ever pick these pimples as they worsen your skin conditions. If the irritation really want to pick it up then take assistance from your health advisor.
  • Do not over wash your face. People think that washing face again and again will help to clear your pimples which is wrong. Over washing your face can remove the protective skin on top and leave your face vulnerable to bacteria. It is important to wash your face twice a day with mild soap that doesn't aggravate your pimples.
  • Take balance diet which includes fruits and vegetables more and meat and greasy food less.
  • Do not use harsh soaps and cleansers as they are not good for your skin. Try to use mild soaps and cleansers and if necessary try to use baby products because they are mild and normally chemicals free.
  • Use non comedogenic makeup products as they may cause more blockage of pores. Non-comedogenic products are specially designed for oily skin and they do not harm your face.

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