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Pimple Rash Around the Neck

Pimple Rash Around the Neck Pimple Rash Around the Neck Pimple Rash Around the Neck


A pimple-like rash could develop on your skin depending upon numerous factors. Acne can occur at any age, which can develop a rash in the area, especially around your neck. While your neck is a very sensitive region, it is constantly exposed to various elements and chemicals. The rash could develop as a result of skin irritation, infection or as an allergic reaction.


Pimply rashes around the neck can have different appearances, depending upon the cause. It may appear in the form of itchy red spots that resemble blisters, a solid red patch with small, raised bumps or blotches of redness spread across the area. The pimples may appear elongated with pus oozing from the site or they may show up as deep, knotted boils within the skin, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.


A pimple-like rash can cause skin inflammation and irritation, as well as sensitive skin. Depending upon the cause of the pimple-like rash, you may also experience fever, pain and minor irritation from clothing rubbing against the area. If the rash is noticeably visible, you may suffer from social anxiety, especially if the rash has oozing pus.


The cause of your rash depends upon a number of factors. Traditional acne pimples can be accompanied by a rash and caused by a rush of androgenic hormones, excess oil and dirt on the skin or as a result of medications. Chickenpox, caused by the varicella-zoster virus, can also appear as a pimple-like rash, according to KidsHealth. An allergic reaction to detergents, perfume or cologne, shampoo or other chemicals, such as hair dye and permanents may also appear as a rash of small raised bumps.


If left untreated, the rash could worsen, especially in humid conditions. A staph infection could result from scratching the affected area, which could lead to a serious infection. According to TeensHealth, staph infections enter the blood stream, and when left untreated, can be deadly. A visit to your doctor is recommended if your rash fails to clear up after discontinued use of any items that you may be allergic to. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice your rash becoming infected.


To prevent a rash before it begins, be sure to keep your skin clean and dry at all times. If the rash is caused by acne, avoid wearing clothes that rub against the rash, further irritating it. If you feel that side effects of a medication that you are taking are the cause of the rash, speak with your doctor about placing you on an alternate treatment.

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