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Physical Effects of Acne in Adolscence

Physical Effects of Acne in Adolscence

Acne can affect people of all ages, though it takes its toll on teenagers most of all. Acne flare-ups can cause emotional distress and make you feel like an outcast as a teen, but acne can have real physical effects as well. The occasional breakout might make your skin itchy and uncomfortable, but chronic cystic acne can be very painful and cause permanent scarring.

Skin Irritation

Acne can cause skin to become red and irritated. In adolescence, your body is going through changes that lead to alterations in hormone levels, and this can cause your skin to get dry and then oily in cycles. This constant shifting can cause skin inflammation, which gets even worse if you pick at your acne.

Dry Skin

While many acne treatments do the trick in drying out blemishes, they can dry up the rest of the skin as well. Ingredients like benzoyl peroxide leave skin dry and flaky, making it difficult to apply makeup and leaving your face feeling tight.

Painful Lesions

Acne can be very painful. Large lesions or cysts can be tender to the touch or may even be aggravated when you make certain facial expressions.


Since acne medications can dry out the skin and acne itself can become dry as it heals, you might notice your skin getting very itchy. Scratching at the skin can introduce bacteria into lesions, lengthening the healing time and possibly causing new lesions to develop.


When you are plagued with numerous acne lesions, it's likely that one will pop at some point, either because it's been picked at or because it's been bumped. Popped blemishes can bleed, and this can lead to further skin damage.


In severe cases of acne, it's very likely that you will experience scarring as a long-term result. To head off or minimize scarring, you should seek the advice of a dermatologist if over-the-counter treatments are ineffective.

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