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Over-The-Counter Wart Removal Products

Over-The-Counter Wart Removal Products Over-The-Counter Wart Removal Products

Warts are bumpy growths that appear on the surface of the skin, due to a virus. Most over-the-counter wart removal products treat warts on the feet -- plantar warts -- and the hands -- common warts. Certain over-the-counter products are only formulated to work on one type of wart and not the other, and some brands carry an option for both plantar and common warts. Using over-the-counter wart removers can be less pricey than going to a doctor's office for removal.

Salicyclic Acid Preparations

Salicyclic acid is the active ingredient in many wart removal gels, drops, pads and plasters sold over-the-counter. This ingredient is in many acne and skin products and is a keratolytic medication -- it works to remove both common and plantar warts by dissolving keratin. This is a protein that makes up the majority of the wart and the dead skin on the surface of it. Depending on the preparation method, you may have to repeat the treatment over several days or weeks. If using a topical solution, Family Doctor recommends applying the topical medications on damp skin that you have patted dry after bathing or showering. These products are not meant for use on genital or venereal warts.

Silver Nitrate Products

Your doctor can remove warts by freezing them off with liquid nitrogen. This form of removal is called cryosurgery. Even though this is a fast and effective way to remove warts, it is not always affordable. Over-the-counter options allow you to "freeze" the wart off at home with a small dropper or a pen that applies silver nitrate medication directly on the wart.

Cryosurgery Kits

According to Family Doctor, there are also over-the-counter cryosurgery kits available, although they are much more expensive than aerosol, dropper or pen freezing products. Depending on the brand, these kits may contain liquid or aerosol medication as well as an instructional DVD on how to use the product. These kits are suitable for use by both medical doctors and non-professionals, although many of these kits are available for online purchase only. The Warts Information Center states that this method is appropriate for hand warts -- common warts -- but you should leave treatment of plantar -- foot warts -- or genital warts to a doctor, who can perform cryosurgical removal.

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