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Organic Rose Skin Care

Organic Rose Skin Care Organic Rose Skin Care


In addition to possessing a degree of beauty and delicacy that has caused it to be nicknamed "The Queen of Flowers," the rose also has the ability to promote healthy and beautiful skin. Consequently, it is a featured ingredient in numerous organic skin care products, which are available at health food stores, beauty supply stores and supermarkets.


Rose skin care products that are labeled "organic" are made entirely with ingredients that are free from exposure to pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and other synthetic substances. The roses used to make the products have been organically grown, without the use of any of the above-mentioned substances. Most organic rose skin care products are made with the oils from organic roses; some may also contain organic rose petals or the oil from organic rose hips.


There are many types of organic rose skin care products. These include body lotions, body soaps, body oils, face cleansers, face creams, face masks, facial oils and facial toners. Several companies manufacture skin care products made with organic rose-derived ingredients, including Korres, REN, Jurlique and Nude.


Organic rose skin care products are used in much the same way that you use other skin care products. Organic rose body soaps and face cleansers should be rubbed on the skin to lift away dirt and impurities, then rinsed off. Organic rose body lotions, body oils, face creams and facial oils should be rubbed into the skin and left there to keep the skin hydrated. Organic rose toners should be applied to the face after cleansing and before moisturizing. Organic rose face masks should be applied to the face, left on for a time while their therapeutic properties work, and rinsed off.


Organic rose-derived ingredients have several beneficial properties when used in skin care. Roses are beneficial to mature and dry skin, and soothing to sensitive skin; they can also decrease skin redness because of their natural tonic and astringent properties.

Other Uses

In addition to being beneficial skin care ingredients, organic roses have numerous other uses. The oils from organic roses are combined with organic jojoba oil or organic beeswax to make liquid or solid natural perfumes. Rose oil is also used in aromatherapy to promote feelings of serenity and relieve stress, fear and grief. Organic rose petals are edible, and safe for use in cooking, for making herbal teas, or for decorating cakes and other confections. And, naturally, organic roses make wonderful bouquets for decorating homes or any other environment, or for giving as gifts.

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