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Organic Medicine for Acne

Organic Medicine for Acne Organic Medicine for Acne

Acne medication often contains harmful chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide. The substances in chemical-based acne medicines may cause damage to your skin including irritation and inflammation. Create your own homemade acne medicine using natural and organic mixtures. Your local health food store should carry the majority of the ingredients needed for the acne remedies.

Fruit Mixtures

Various kinds of organic fruit contain beneficial vitamins and nutrients that can fight the bacteria housed within your acne. Organically grown bananas contain antioxidants as well as the vitamin B. Create a homemade organic acne medicine using bananas. According to Beauty Health Tips, an effective, homemade acne medicine consists of organic bananas and milk. The organic banana mask calls for one mashed banana and 3 tbsp. of organic milk. Rub the soothing banana mask onto affected areas of the skin -- the mask will help to dry up pimples while providing vital moisture and nutrients. Another organic fruit remedy can be created by using the peel of an orange; Soak an orange peel in water and apply directly to skin with a cotton ball to make an organic acne medicine that is a rich source of vitamin C.

Vegetable Remedies

Organic basil leaves contain vitamin A as well calcium and iron. The nutrients within the basil leaves can nourish your skin while destroying bacteria. According to the Beauty Cosmetic Guide, you can create an organic acne medicine by simmering a handful of fresh basil leaves in 2 cups of water. Apply the cooled basil water to the affected areas of your face and body to diminish the appearance of acne pimples. Chop up the leaves of an organically grown cucumber to create another natural acne medicine. Rub the leaves of an organic aloe vera plant onto your acne to soothe the redness and irritation of your skin.

Oats and Oils

Use a cupful of organic oats to create a calming scrub for your irritated skin. Boil the oatmeal just as you would when preparing it for a meal. Add in a few teaspoons of lemon juice to complete the organic acne scrub. According to Beauty Health Tips, massage the oatmeal scrub over your acne pimples and then wait for the mixture to dry. Remove the scrub from your face by rubbing warm water onto the dried oatmeal with your fingertips. Apply the mixture once a week to attain smooth and blemish free skin.

Organic tea tree oils can also work as an acne fighting medicine. According to Acne Cures Revealed, the oil extract from the Australian Melaleuca tree can clear up acne while preventing skin sensitivity and inflammation. Some individuals are sensitive to tea tree oil -- perform a sensitivity test on a small area of acne-free skin before applying directly to blemishes.

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