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Omnilux & Acne

Omnilux & Acne Omnilux & Acne Omnilux & Acne


Acne has plagued young adults and teenagers for thousands of years, and generally affects about 85 percent of those age groups at any given time, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The most effective treatments for pimples generally need to be applied directly to the skin, but some acne sufferers want alternatives to those messy lotions and gels. Omnilux light treatment for acne offers one such alternative.


Acne results from a combination of causes including excess bacteria on your skin, too much oil production from your sebaceous glands and irritation that results in clogged pores. Once you've developed whiteheads and blackheads in your pores, bacterial infection can take hold and turn them into swollen pimples. Treating acne involves killing those bacteria, which is the goal Omnilux acne treatment was designed to accomplish.


Physicians have offered laser and light treatments for acne in their offices since the early 2000s. Because research indicates those treatments can effectively treat some people's acne, Omnilux developed a home version of its LED light treatment device. Acne sufferers can use the hand-held device to treat their pimples themselves, without needing to visit a dermatologist's office.


The Omnilux LED acne treatment device kit includes the device itself, a cleanser, a treatment serum and an after-treatment lotion. To use the kit to treat your acne, you first need to cleanse your skin with the supplied cleanser. Next, you apply the treatment serum to your entire face, and then you apply the LED light treatment to your skin for 20 minutes, without removing the serum. Last, you apply the after-treatment lotion to your skin.


LED light therapy can effectively treat acne, but not every case, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. With physician office-based LED equipment, which is more powerful than the Omnilux at-home version, many patients were able to obtain about 55 percent clearance of their acne lesions. However, LED light treatments don't work for everyone, especially for people with more severe forms of acne.


LED light treatments such as the Omnilux acne treatment kill bacteria on your skin, but don't seem to work against the other causes of acne including excessive oil and inflammation, according to In addition, researchers haven't yet determined whether they'll continue to work in the long term. The Omnilux acne treatment device sells for about $300 online, as of 2010.

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