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Obagi for Skin Acne

Obagi for Skin Acne Obagi for Skin Acne Obagi for Skin Acne


Many people with acne use a combination of products: a product to wash their faces, and perhaps products that contain the acne-fighting ingredients salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Although it's possible to put together an effective skin care regimen with products from different manufacturers, some companies have developed acne systems combining these products together into a single kit. Skin products manufacturer Obagi has done just that.

Acne Cause

Acne, which tends to plague teenagers but also frequently appears in adults, results when excess oil from your skin clogs the tiny pores present in your hair follicles, according to the Mayo Clinic. Once this occurs, creating a whitehead or a blackhead, bacteria often grow in the oil behind the clogs. Infected hair follicles become pimples, often with white pus tops, and potentially can become cysts if the infection worsens.


Skin care products manufacturer Obagi offers two kits designed to treat acne that are marketed under the Clenziderm MD line: one is for oily to normal skin, and the other is for normal to dry skin. Each kit includes a facial cleanser and two leave-on products, including one with benzoyl peroxide, a proven acne-fighting ingredient. The kit aimed at oily to normal skin also includes a pore therapy serum with salicylic acid, which can help clear pores. The kit aimed at normal to dry skin, meanwhile, includes a moisturizer product.


Both Clenziderm products include a patented form of benzoyl peroxide that can penetrate pores better to fight acne, according to Obagi. In a clinical study conducted by Dr. Mary Spellman of San Francisco and presented at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in 2007, researchers used a scanning electron microscope to determine how well the Obagi benzoyl peroxide penetrated the skin, and concluded it spreads evenly and penetrates more deeply into the follicles. Another study led by Dr. D.C. Wilson and presented at the same AAD meeting compared the special benzoyl peroxide formulation with a standard benzoyl peroxide-antibiotic combination, and found both reduced lesions by half within two weeks.


Obagi states that the oily to normal version of its Clenziderm MD kit works best for people who have less sensitive skin and can tolerate most acne treatments, while the normal to dry kit best suits patients with sensitive skin or patients who want to minimize side effects. In fact, reviews of both Clenziderm MD acne treatments on the Acne website report that side effects from the oily to normal kit appear commonly, especially skin peeling and irritation. However, most patients rated the kits highly, despite a relatively high purchase price. Clenziderm MD kits retail for about $65 online.


You can buy Obagi's Clenziderm MD products over the counter, which makes them simple to obtain without seeing a dermatologist. However, in many cases patients will need a dermatologist's help, along with prescription medications, to clear their acne. Although benzoyl peroxide effectively fights bacteria in acne, you might need the added power of either topical or oral antibiotics to really clear the infection, according to the AAD.

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