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Nuts Cause Acne

Nuts Cause Acne

In cuisine nuts are kernels enclosed within hard shells and called dry fruits. Nuts are eaten raw and used in cooking and pressed for extraction of oils. Nuts are now used as essential herbal ingredient of cosmetics and skin care products, such as moisturizing lotion, cleansers and skin care tonics.

Nuts those most often cause acne and allergic reactions include:

  • Peanut
  • Pistachio nut
  • Walnut
  • Cashew nut

How do nuts induce acne breakouts?
Most of the nuts are rich in proteins and fats. Some proteins are heat-stable that human digestive system is unable to digest. Your immune system can not recognize these proteins and fatty acids and produce antibodies against them. These antibodies directly affect nuts protein and fatty acids.

Sebaceous glands are more susceptible to these antibodies, get inflamed and overproduce sebum. The excessive sebum clogs the hair follicles while continuous production of sebum results in follicular wall rupture.

Restriction of sebum within hair follicles due to inflammation and blockage produce bumps. These bumps are called whiteheads and blackheads. The degree of their severity is manifested by pimples, papules, pustules etc.

How do I know if the nut I am eating may produce acne?
Allergic effects and acne breakouts greatly vary from individual to individual. It depends upon the health of their immune system and severity of its bad response. Most people do not develop any acne breakouts although they eat plenty of nuts and dry fruits, while others may develop allergic reaction even with single kernel.

Some factors are worth considering before eating nuts and dry fruits.

  • Genetic inheritance
  • Weak immune system
  • Chronic rhinitis
  • Interaction with other food stuffs
  • Interaction with certain drugs

Roasted Nuts and Raw Nuts:
Roasted nuts are somewhat better than raw nuts in that during the process of roasting, most of the proteins are lost and decomposed that induce bad immune response. But, be cautious, roasting never guaranties the safety of use. Some proteins are heat-stable that can not be decomposed by ordinary cooking temperature.

How can I prevent nuts allergy and acne?
The only preventive measure is the avoidance of nuts and nuts containing foods. For the prevention of acne, use a skin care lotion that absorbs your body and strengthen the immune system. Do not use harsh lotions and skin care tonics unless you consult your physician first. You can use herbal over the counter natural remedies.

Cosmetic Products, Nuts and Acne:
Today, extractions from nuts have become an integral part of natural remedies, skin care lotions and cleansers. Most lotions contain almond oil and honey. Almond may irritate your skin and acne breakouts may occur. Thus, consult with your dermatologist and read the ingredients of the products before use.

Nuts contain some indigestible proteins that humans can not digest. Your immune system responds badly to these proteins and fatty acids and stimulates sebaceous glands. Stimulation of sebaceous glands causes inflammation and narrow hair follicles. Although acne breakouts caused by nuts is common, it depends upon genetic inheritance, strength of immune system and interaction with other foods.

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