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Neatsfoot Oil Ingredients

Neatsfoot Oil Ingredients

Neatsfoot oil is has been used for more than 200 years for softening and conditioning leather goods and horse tack. It also has a history of medicinal use as a lotion to aid in moistening dry skin. Today, neatsfoot oil can be purchased as a pure oil or as a compound that contains a blend of neatsfoot oil and other mineral or petroleum-based oils.

Original Pure Neatsfoot Oil

Pure neatsfoot oil, which contains 100 percent neatsfoot oil, was originally made from the rendered shin bones and feet of cattle. Since this oil remains liquid at room temperature, it was ideal for use as a leather conditioner to replace the natural oil removed from leather during the tanning process.

Modern Pure Neatsfoot Oil

Modern pure neatsfoot oils are predominantly made from lard. These oils will darken leather so use caution if you want to preserve the leather's original color. The excess fatty acids in lard can leave a residue on the leather's surface as the temperature drops and the fatty acids begin to solidify.

Neatsfoot Oil Blend

Modern neatsfoot oil blends, also known as neatsfoot compunds, are a mixture of lard and mineral oil. Exact percentages of each ingredient will vary by brand and are proprietary to each manufacturer.

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