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Naturally Treat Acne

Naturally Treat Acne Naturally Treat Acne


Acne is generally caused by an increase in the skin's natural oils. Infected pores lodged with waxy oils (sebum) and bacterial growth can be quite a bother. What is meant to keep our skin in a healthy supple state, for moisture retention and a physical barrier to outside pathogens, can be potentially noxious in excess. The main idea is to be aware of the causes, and prevention is highly possible with natural, nonchemical means.

Natural Ways to Deal with Acne

Step 1

Watch what you eat. Take care of your internal environment; a high level of sugar, simple carbohydrates, chemicals, preservatives and other food toxins can increase acne. Our skin is a filter, and these substances are removed from our body often through this vital organ.

Body processes and metabolic breakdown of anything in excess can create a residual buildup of body fluids, such as sebum and sweat. These act as flypaper for dirt to get trapped in open pores during exercise, overheating or hormonal fluctuations.

Step 2

Consider anything that comes in contact with skin as potential acne benefactors. Think of all the chemicals and oils in creams, medications, ointments, fabric softeners, soaps, emissions, smoke, etc. All of these can cause a heavy burden on our skin. Skin is like a sponge; anything applied to it will eventually be absorbed into your system and can cause a buildup of toxins.

Step 3

Have a daily cleansing routine (or more if needed). This will help keep oils and toxins from building up. Wash hands to eliminate debris and contamination before cleaning the face with a gentle soap-less cleanser. Use a warm cotton washcloth (synthetic fibers can harm softer skin); this will help open up pores for dirt removal. Rinse the face with tepid water to help close the pores at the end of the routine.

Step 4

Shave carefully and only as often as needed to avoid nicking any current breakouts and decrease spread of infection throughout the face.

Step 5

Keep your fingers off of your face. Try to refrain from popping, picking, scratching or squeezing any pimples or blackheads. This can only increase the number of bacteria in the wound and may cause scarring.

Step 6

Use microdermabrasion. Apricot kernel or almond meal scrubs can be highly effective for removing surface dirt and excess oils on the face. Occasionally swirl a light natural bristle brush on the T-zone to help prevent buildup.

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