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Natural Treatments for Acne Around the Jawline

Natural Treatments for Acne Around the Jawline Natural Treatments for Acne Around the Jawline

Pimples can erupt anywhere on the face, and can sometimes localize around the mouth and jawline. Many times, jawline acne can be difficult to treat with traditional, chemical methods due to its close proximity to the mouth and sensitive skin around the neck. Fortunately, jawline acne can be effectively treated using a few home treatments that will clear the skin without irritating it.

Natural Soap

Commercially milled soaps and cleansers contain ingredients that are often too harsh on the skin, and can irritate and inflame the skin's surface. To treat acne around the jawline effectively, it is important to use a natural soap that does not contain strong chemical ingredients, such as dyes, perfumes or solvents. Natural soaps are gentle on the skin, and you can buy them at a health food store or make them at home. The skin around the jawline should be moistened with water, then lathered well with the natural soap. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing, which can exacerbate the jawline acne. Rinse the lather off well. You can use a natural soap on the skin twice a day.

Oat Scrub

Using a scrub removes dead skin, oils and bacteria that could clog the pores around the jawline. It is important when using a scrub on the jawline to use a natural, gentle scrub, such as raw oats. Oats are soft on the skin, yet effective at removing impurities. To use an oat scrub, wet the skin thoroughly, then moisten 1/4 cup of raw oats. Massage the moistened oats onto the skin around the jawline for at least two minutes, then rinse the skin well with water. Use the oat scrub twice a week to treat jawline acne.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is traditionally used to dry up and heal blisters caused by viral infections, such as chicken pox, or contact with a poisonous plant, such as poison ivy. Many people do not know that calamine lotion is also highly effective in drying up and healing jawline acne. Calamine lotion is easy to use on the skin, and because it is natural, it will not irritate or inflame the skin. To apply calamine lotion, shake the bottle well, then squeeze the lotion onto a cotton swab. Dab the swab onto the individual acne spots along the jawline and allow it to dry. After one hour, rinse the calamine lotion off with water. Repeat up to five times a day.

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