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Natural Oils for Acne

Natural Oils for Acne

Acne can be difficult to get rid of. It also may be embarrassing, resulting in poor self-image and lowered self-esteem. Some over-the-counter treatments may cause dryness, redness and irritation in addition to the acne you are trying to treat. There are a variety of natural oils, sometimes referred to as "essential oils," that some holistic and natural health practitioners believe effectively treat acne and many other skin problems.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the tea tree shrub, which is native to Australia. According to "A Complete Guide To Understanding and Using Aromatherapy For Vibrant Health and Beauty" by Roberta Wilson, studies conducted in Australia found that tea tree oil is as effective in treating acne as benzoyl peroxide. Tea tree oil, however, does not cause the same burning, stinging, dryness, redness and itching that sometimes accompanies the use of products containing benzoyl peroxide. "The Aromatherapy Bible" by Gill Farrer-Halls recommends using a drop of tea tree oil on a cotton swab to dab on individual acne spots two to three times daily. If scarring begins to occur, a solution made up of 1 drop lavender oil, 2 dropsneroli oil and 1 tsp. calendula oil can be applied two times a day.

Palmarosa Oil

Palmarosa oil is distilled from fresh or dried palmarosa grass, typically before its flowers reach maturity. Palmarosa oil appears to effectively balance oily skin and control sebum, or oil, production. Because of this, it effectively clears acne. According to "A Complete Guide To Understanding and Using Aromatherapy For Vibrant Health and Beauty," palmarosa oil encourages new skin cell growth and aids in fading old acne scars and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is distilled from the flower of the lavender plant. According to "The Aromatherapy Bible," lavender oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils and it has a reputation for being a "cure-all" in aromatherapy. When it comes to the treatment of acne, lavender oil appears to ease inflammation. It also balances oily skin, which helps clear up acne and prevent reoccurrence.

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