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Natural Healing Remedies for Acne

Natural Healing Remedies for Acne Natural Healing Remedies for Acne Natural Healing Remedies for Acne

Acne is a skin condition characterized by small growths or lesions, commonly called pimples or zits. It is caused by clogged pores, the tiny holes in the surface of the skin, according to Medline Plus. Excess bacteria and debris create a plug in the pores, which appear as a whitehead, blackhead or inflamed red bump. Prescription treatments are available, but may be expensive and cause side effects ranging from sun sensitivity to allergic reactions. Natural healing remedies are a good first step in treating and preventing acne.

Essential Oils

The two most common essential oils used for acne treatment are tea tree oil and lavender. Although both of these oils can be applied directly to the skin by placing a drop or two on a cotton ball, they can cause a reaction in those with sensitive skin. It is better to dilute them in carrier oil, such as jojoba. A two percent dilution is best, according to Esoteric Oils. Add ten drops to about two ounces of carrier oil in a small container. Store the container in a dark, cool place. You can also add the oil, in the same ratio, to your favorite non-medicated unscented skin cream. Other essential oils that may help include German chamomile, lemongrass and geranium.

Washes and Creams

Keeping acne-prone skin clean is vital to preventing and treating breakouts. Witch hazel is a good, inexpensive, antibacterial astringent. Phyllis Balch, author of "Prescription for Herbal Healing," also recommends a wash using a dropper-full of walnut leaf tincture combined with 60 milliliters of water. Because acne cleansers can be drying, especially when they contain alcohol as with witch hazel, it is important to follow up with a good moisturizer. Calendula cream may help promote wound healing and prevent infection as well as smooth dry skin.

Herbal Remedies

Several herbal remedies, taken internally as capsules or tablets, may help prevent acne breakouts. Echinacea may reduce inflammation and speed healing. Saw palmetto is good for adult men as long as they are not receiving testosterone therapy, according to Balch. Vitex, also known as chaste tree berry, can be used to prevent premenstrual acne flare-ups in women. Take the dose recommended on the label and always check with your doctor before taking herbal remedies if you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition.


Avoid greasy cosmetics and creams and look for products labeled "noncomedogenic" or opt for water-based formulas. Don't rest your face in your hands or against surfaces such as telephones, as this can transfer dirt and oil to your face. As tempting as it may be to pick at your acne or try to "pop" the pimples, this can cause infection or scarring. Drink an adequate amount of water each day to keep skin hydrated and promote the flushing of toxins.

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