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Natural Dry Skin

Natural Dry Skin Natural Dry Skin


Some people are more prone to having naturally dry skin than others. Although dry skin is usually only a cosmetic concern, it can be stressful if you feel it's noticeable to others. For example, if it becomes flaky, you may be self-conscious. There are ways to improve dry skin and possibly prevent it in the future, however. If you're concerned, consider seeing your doctor or dermatologist about your dry skin.

Causes of Naturally Dry Skin

Extreme dry skin may be due to eczema or be caused by your environment. For example, people who live in cold or very dry areas may notice more of a problem with dry skin than others. Dry air inside from heating and central air conditioning can also cause dry skin.

Risk Factors

Taking frequent or long hot baths and showers can make you more prone to dry skin as can too much sun exposure. Naturally dry skin is more common in older people as well.

Keeping Skin Moisturized

Use warm water when bathing instead of hot and try bathing or showering less often, if possible. After getting out of the tub, apply a thick moisturizer like Eucerin or a thin layer of baby oil to the skin. Use mild soaps such as Neutrogena or Dove when showering, as these have added moisturizers. Try out different moisturizers and soaps to see what works best for you.

Making Lifestyle Changes

If your home tends to be very dry, buy a humidifier to add moisture to the air. This can improve dry skin. Consider switching laundry detergents, as well. Buy laundry detergent that contains no dyes or perfumes, which can be irritating to dry skin. And avoid harsh fabrics, such as wool, that might irritate your skin.


Consult your dermatologist if dry skin is severe or doesn't improve with these measures. It's also a good idea to have your skin checked if dry skin develops suddenly. If your dry skin is caused by eczema, you may need a prescription steroid cream, explains KidsHealth.

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