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Natural Acne Remedies

Natural Acne Remedies Natural Acne Remedies

Natural acne remedies are as effective as synthetic remedies. Natural acne remedies are formulated from herbs and their extractions. Herbal remedies or organic remedies are less expensive but can be as effective then synthetic and chemical based treatments.

Herbal or natural remedies cover a wide range of factors involved in acne breakouts. Lack of nutrients, weak immune system, hormonal imbalance, taking refined foods and bacterial infection may cause acne.

Hormonal imbalance is leading cause in teenagers as they are more prone to develop excessive amounts of hormones. Overproduction of hormones trigger sebaceous glands to produce more sebum that results inflammation and clogged hair follicles. Once hair follicles are clogged, small bumps appear called whiteheads and blackheads. Blackheads are a little severe form and named as pimples.Androgenic hormones like testosterone stimulate your sebaceous glands. Testosterone is often over produced in teenage and post teen years to maintain your male and female characteristics. Thus, the hormonal imbalance is common and can only be controlled with herbal remedies safely.

Weak immune system also contributes to acne breakouts. Weak immune system is a common and growing concern in the current era due to increasing pollution and lack of healthy foods. Toxic gases also reduce immunization of a person. Therefore, weak immune system is unable to differentiate between usefulness and harmfulness and respond badly to even useful substances. The antibodies produced for distortion of useful and harmful substances may trigger sebaceous glands and acne breakouts may occur.

Vitamins and minerals take part in promoting healthy immune system and repairing damaged, infected and inflamed hair follicles. While these days, trend of eating refined foods and dairy products is growing rapidly increasing the risks of nutrients deficiency. Therefore, people should use fruits, vegetables and herbals skin care tonics to rejuvenate the skin topically and systematically (internally).

Propionibacteria normally reside in your upper skin layers but infect hair follicles. In certain circumstances, like increased production of sebum and weak immune system, these bacterial attack hair follicles. The infected and inflamed hair follicles get narrowed restricting the efficient flow of sebum. The restriction of sebum cause bumps, pimples and papules.

Natural or organic remedies cover a wide range of causes and possess efficient healing properties in contrast to other types of treatment methods that target only single cause at a time.

Natural acne remedies do not cause any critical or life threatening side effects and are totally safe for all, however, in certain conditions, like pregnancy, breastfeeding etc, you must consult your doctor before using herbal medications.

Natural or organic acne remedies are far more effective and safe than other types of acne treatment that only deal with only single cause at a time while in contrast; herbal acne treatment focuses on inhibiting various causes like weak immune system, lack of nutrients, excessive hormonal production and bacterial infection.

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