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Natural Acne Help

Natural Acne Help Natural Acne Help Natural Acne Help


Natural remedies for acne can be a convenient and less expensive option over creams and medications that can cause unpleasant side effects. There is little clinical evidence to verify the efficacy of most natural acne remedies, but you may want to try treating your acne with natural remedies instead of using an over-the-counter topical cream.


Acne results when excess oil and dead skin cells clog the pores of your skin, causing inflammation, according to 10 Touching acne without first washing your hands can further irritate your skin and can result in permanent scarring if the acne is scratched or if it pops.


Natural remedies for acne can be less harsh on your skin than over-the-counter topical creams. Most natural acne remedies are easy to prepare and you may already have the ingredients in your home.

Drying the Skin

Oatmeal helps absorb excess oil without over drying your skin, according to The website recommends boiling plain oatmeal and allowing it to cool before applying it to your face. Leave the oatmeal on your face for up to 15 minutes then rinse and pat your face dry.

Opening the Pores

Apply a mask of cucumber pulp to areas of your skin affected by acne for 30 minutes a day, according to The website suggests that the cucumber pulp remedy refreshes the skin and can prevent further acne.

Fat Free Kitchen recommends leaving an application of ripe tomato pulp on your skin for up to 1 hour before rinsing with cool water. Rub orange peel onto your skin or make a paste out of the grinds of an orange peel by adding water and mixing to achieve a pasty texture. Apply the paste to your skin and leave it in place for up to 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water, according to

A paste consisting of pulp from both an apple and a cucumber, plus 1 tbsp. each of honey and yogurt may help reduce acne scars, according to Apply the paste to your skin and leave it in place for up to 20 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. also recommends applying a paste consisting of ground black cumin seeds and vinegar to help combat acne.

Touching the Acne

Cut a fresh clove of garlic to expose the soft pulp, and then lightly press the clove onto your acne twice a day can help dry out acne, according to You can also rub the clove over areas of your skin that are prone to acne to help prevent breakouts.

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