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Natural Acne Diet

Natural Acne Diet Natural Acne Diet


Finding an effective acne treatment represents a frustrating experience in many instances. As you contemplate what course of action to treat acne, consider utilizing a natural acne diet. A number of specific items included in a natural diet appears effective in eliminating an acne condition for some individuals, according to


Part of determining whether a natural acne diet represents a wise course for you is understanding what causes the condition in the first instance. Three primary causes underlay an outbreak of acne, according to These are an overproduction of oil--known as sebum--as well as incomplete shedding of dead skin cells and a buildup of bacteria.


In contemplating a natural acne diet, a common misconception is that chocolate and greasy food cause acne or worsen an acne condition. Research has not established a direct link between the consumption of chocolate or greasy food and the onset of acne or worsening of this type of skin condition, according to

Raw Milk

An effective element in a natural acne diet is raw milk, according to Raw milk is unprocessed and contains a higher level of cream than that found in milk typically found on the shelves of traditional grocery markets. Raw milk contains roughly 16 percent cream as opposed to 2 percent for processed milk. The higher level of cream represents the primary reason why raw milk appears effective in preventing or resolving an acne condition.

Organic Red Meat

Organic red meat represents another useful element of a natural acne diet, according to Organic, lean red meat ensures that a person obtains the nutrition a person needs without the excess oils found not only in other types of meat but also in nuts and even some plants. In addition, organic red meat lacks the chemicals, including pesticides, usually found in other food items, such as certain meats and vegetables.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Including organic fruits and vegetables in a natural acne diet also represents a helpful step in combating blemishes. Organic fruits and vegetables work together to ensure that you maintain a balanced diet as part of your overall efforts to prevent and combat acne.

Expert Insight

Before embarking on any type of diet program, including one designed to relieve acne, consider obtaining expert advice from your health care provider. Make certain that any diet plan you elect to follow not only assists in achieving your objective of eliminating acne but will overall ensure your good health today and into the future.

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