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Murad Back Acne Treatment

Murad Back Acne Treatment Murad Back Acne Treatment


Acne on your back might be harder to fight than acne on the face--in part because it's harder to reach. Many people use the same acne treatment products on their bodies as they do on their faces, but some manufacturers, including Murad, offer acne-fighting products designed specifically to treat your back.


Pimples can pop up wherever you have oil glands, according to the Cleveland Clinic. That's because overactive oil glands help cause acne, along with an overgrowth of bacteria on your skin. Along with your back, acne commonly occurs on your face, chest and shoulders, all of which contain plentiful oil glands.


Murad's acne body wash is meant to fight acne with triclosan, an antibacterial ingredient commonly found in hand sanitizers. The product also contains date seed powder to exfoliate your skin, and salicylic acid, a known acne-fighting ingredient. To use the Murad acne body wash as a back treatment, wet your back, massage the product in with your hands or with a body scrub on hard-to-reach spots, and rinse.


Salicylic acid works against acne and other skin conditions by causing the outer layer of your skin to shed. As your skin sheds its outer layer, it renews itself, potentially clearing some or all of your pores. Side effects of salicylic acid in acne treatment can include excessive peeling and skin irritation. Murad's acne body wash contains 1 percent salicylic acid, which makes it less potent than some other acne treatments but also less likely to irritate skin.


On, reviewers of Murad's acne body wash treatment gave the product mixed reviews for use on their backs and other body parts. Although many remarked on the pleasant odor of the product, they also noted that it works slowly to clear up back and other body acne. However, many also noted that the Murad product didn't cause as many side effects as other over-the-counter acne medications.


Murad's acne body wash may help clear up your back acne. However, no one acne product clears up every case of acne,  warns that over-the-counter products often work well only for mild cases. If your back acne persists, consider changing your clothing to make certain you wear non-irritating shirts next to your skin. Skin irritation can cause acne breakouts.

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