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Mederma to Reduce Scars

Mederma to Reduce Scars Mederma to Reduce Scars Mederma to Reduce Scars


Scars are your body's natural response to skin damage. The American Academy of Dermatology explains that scars are often thick and red during the first three months of healing. Mederma is a type of over-the-counter medication to help relieve scars immediately after the wound has healed. You do not have to see a doctor for a recommendation, though it is advised for larger, more prominent scars.


Mederma is intended for existing and fresh scars. The product helps minimize redness and the overall appearance of scars attributed to acne, wounds, burns, stretch marks and surgery. Mederma also helps smooth the affected skin, according to Mederma may be a cheaper alternative to prescription scar treatment solutions and is widely available at major drug stores and supermarkets.


According to, Mederma contains purified water, Cepalin, sorbic acid, xanthan gum, methylparaben, allantoin and a fragrance. The fragrance in Mederma is light, but can cause a reaction if you are sensitive to fragrances. The product comes in the form of a non-greasy gel.


Users massage the gel directly into the scar up to four times daily. recommends using Mederma for eight weeks on fresh scars. Mederma can also be used up to six months on old scars and stretch marks. The product comes in a 20g or 50g tube. states that each will give you a three months' supply, depending on the size of the scar. Opt for the 50g size if your scar exceeds a length of 3 inches.

Possible Side Effects

Mederma is not intended for fresh wounds. This medication will not increase the process of wound healing, and is only meant for scar reduction. Monthly Prescribing Reference reports some side effects may occur when using this product, including skin discoloration, itching and swelling. Discontinue use and call your doctor if you experience such reactions.


The American Academy of Dermatology explains some scars may take up to 18 months to heal without treatment. Scar removal becomes more difficult as you age. Severe scars may require a topical treatment like Mederma in conjunction with other procedures such as dermabrasion. While your scar is healing, consider makeup solutions such as foundation, concealer and powder to help mask the scar. Do not use Mederma longer than six months without asking your physician first.

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