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Lotions for an Oily Face

Lotions for an Oily Face Lotions for an Oily Face

Signs of oily skin include open pores, shiny patches on the face and sometimes blackheads or acne. Genetics, diet, pregnancy, hormones and cosmetics can all cause the overabundance of sebum, your skin's natural oil. If you suffer from oily skin, there are lotions you can use to help reduce oiliness, clogged pores and a shiny appearance.


A cleanser is an essential element for treating an oily face. Cleansing regularly not only helps remove makeup but will also remove excess oil, pollutants and acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Use a mild cleanser no more than once or twice a day to prevent drying out the skin. Cleansers come in the form of solid bars, lotions and milks.


Astringents such as skin toners benefit oily skin because they remove oil and dirt and temporarily tightens the skin, thus reduce the size of pores. Use an astringent that does not contain alcohol, which can overdry your skin.


Emollients are thick lotions that prevent the skin from becoming dry and developing scaly patches. If you have oily skin, use only emollients that contain an astringent. The combination of the two will keep your skin hydrated but prevent it from becoming even oilier. Apply the emollient once a day, preferably after cleansing.


If you have oily skin, you may not need a moisturizer. If you choose to use one, apply a very light moisturizer to prevent blocking facial pores and causing blackheads or acne. Oil-free moisturizers are best and will keep your skin smooth and supple without looking shiny. Gel moisturizers are a good option because they keep the skin hydrated without adding further oil.

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