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Jawline Acne

Jawline Acne Jawline Acne

Acne breakouts may occur in any region of your body like neck, chest, back, shoulders and buttocks etc. Jawline acne breakouts are one of the more common types of acne when it comes to facial acne.
Women are more prone to have jaw line acne then men. Around 59% of total population develop jaw line acne at some stage of their lives. Although jawline acne is not season specific, it often occurs during summer season, however, it may also flare up in winter.

Lets discuss its symptoms, causes and prevention tips and possible treatments.

Symptoms of Jawline Acne:
In morphology, jawline pimple, papules and pustules are similar to pimples occurring any other region of of the body like neck and chest. Jawline acne is usually identified by pimples and papules on jaw bones (Ramus and Zygomatic Bones). Ramus is most vertical part of the lower mandible of human jaw.

Causes of Jawline Acne:
There are numerous causes of jawline acne, some correlate with causes of other types of acne while some are different. Lack of nutrients, weak immune system, overproduction of sebum, harsh cosmetics and soaps are all common causes for all types of acne.

What signify the jawline acne are the long oily hair extending up to the jawline, accumulation of sebum on ramus etc. When oily hair keep on touching delicate skin on ramus of mandible, it leads to acne breakout.

Prevention of Jawline Acne:
There is no magical trick for preventing jawline acne. Prevention methods are somewhat similar to methods and tricks used for preventing other types of acne. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, while avoiding junk foods, harsh cosmetics, soaps and direct exposure to sunlight might help prevent jawline acne. Avoid long hair extending up to jawline and keep your hair clean..

Treatment of Jawline Acne:
Both topical and oral remedies are used for treating each type of acne including jawline acne. Wash your face twice a day with baby soap. Use quality herbal skin care tonics for skin rejuvenation and provision of essential nutrients. If you use quality skin care lotion, it will work in various ways as cleanser (unclogs hair follicles), provide vitamins and minerals, destroy bacterial colonies within hair follicles etc.

Jawline acne affect around 59% of population. Breakouts of jawline acne is more common in women than men due to extended long hair up to jawline and ramus. Long oily hair keep on rubbing the skin and stops efficient flow and secretion of sebum. Therefore, besides other causes, long oily hair is the foremost cause of jawline acne. Risks of breakouts can be reduced by shortening the hair extending up to jaw line washing face twice a day with gentle baby soaps. You can also use herbal skin care lotions for rejuvenation and provision of essential nutrients required by your skin.

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