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Is Tanda Effective for Acne?

Is Tanda Effective for Acne? Is Tanda Effective for Acne?


Few people want to go to the doctor's office, especially to treat their pimples. That could be why American teens and adults spend $100 million every year on home treatments for their acne, mainly including lotions, gels and other topical preparations, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Acne home light treatment devices, including those produced by Tanda, also offer the opportunity to treat pimples at home. But the jury is out on Tanda's effectiveness in acne treatment.


If you have acne, especially teenage acne, you should blame your hormones, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Your skin's sebaceous glands react to hormones--specifically male hormones--by producing oil, which then can combine with bacteria on the skin's surface to cause acne. Teens tend to get acne more frequently because their hormones fluctuate more, but adults suffer from it, too. Tanda's light treatment devices aim to kill the bacteria that helps to cause acne, but don't affect the underlying hormonal cause.


Tanda offers two different treatment devices for acne, but both work the same way: They use intensely focused blue LED light to kill the bacteria that contributes to acne. Tanda claims the device will be effective on mild acne, with several inflamed pimples and up to 20 whiteheads and blackheads. The company says the device also will work in moderate acne, with multiple inflamed pimples and up to 100 whiteheads and blackheads. It does not recommend using the device on either nodular or cystic acne.


Tanda claims on its website that 100 percent of users see clearer skin. However, the company hasn't published an independent, peer-reviewed study looking at results from its LED light products in acne. Treatments from professional blue LED devices in dermatologists' offices offer noticeable improvement to more than 50 percent of those treated, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. However, these office-based LED machines provide more powerful treatments than Tanda's home devices.


Users offered very mixed reviews of the Tanda blue LED acne treatment devices on the website Acne and other websites. Some users said it worked well on existing pimples but didn't stop breakouts from occurring. Others noted that the rechargeable devices fail to hold a charge well, and often produce error messages.


Although the Tanda LED light treatment devices for acne hold approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, little or no research has been done on their effectiveness. Some users say they work for them, but others provided negative reviews of the Tanda devices. According to the Mayo Clinic, long-term results from LED acne treatments provided by dermatologists are not yet in, although it's clear that the treatments don't work for everyone.

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