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Is it Good to Pop Blackheads?

Is it Good to Pop Blackheads? Is it Good to Pop Blackheads? Is it Good to Pop Blackheads?


About 40 million to 50 million Americans suffer from acne, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Bad Information on how to handle blackheads is easy to receive. Remember to keep your hands down and step away from the mirror; popping a blackhead is not the solution.


A blackhead is a non-inflammatory type of acne, according to Skin Care Physicians. This lesion contains oil, bacteria and dead skin; which clogs the pore. Also referred to as open comedomes, the exterior of the blackhead remains exposed.

Popping a Blackhead

Kids Health cites that picking or popping blackheads is bad. When you pop a blackhead, it moves the bacteria further under skin. This can cause the blackhead to become more noticeable, painful or infected. More important, popping a blackhead may lead to permanent scarring.


When you pop a blackhead, you run the risk of infection. Even if your hands are clean and germ free, popping a blackhead leaves an open area on the surface of the skin. This allows for germs and bacteria to transport themselves into this open crevice and create an infection.


Popping a blackhead can lead to permanent acne scars. This happens when you squeeze a blackhead excessively. Overworking a blackhead leaves agitated tissue; it is this tissue that creates a permanent scar.

Alternative Choices

One should not pop a blackhead, instead it is better to seek other treatments for the problem. Even if you pop a blackhead, it will not go away immediately. Unfortunately, there is not an instant cure for any type of acne. For severe blackheads, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

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