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Iams ProActive Chunks: How Many Calories?

Iams ProActive Chunks: How Many Calories?


Iams ProActive Health is a line of pet food products infused with prebiotics to promote healthy digestion. Iams uses real broth to make ProActive Health Chunks with Chicken and Beef in Gravy, a hearty product formulated to provide canines of all ages with a suitable daily calorie intake.


One can of Iams ProActive Health Chunks contains water, chicken, beef, meat and poultry by-products, dried egg product, corn starch, barley, oats, carrots, salt, dried beet pulp, guar gum, flax meal, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, caramel and other natural flavors. Vitamins, minerals, preservatives and flavoring agents have also been added to the products to improve nutrition, taste and consistency.


One can of Adult Chunks with Chicken and Beef in Gravy has 347 calories, while the Puppy Chunks product has 365 calories in a can. Iams also offers ProActive Health Adult Chunks in dry form, which contains 374 calories per cup.


The amount of dog food that should be consumed daily depends on the age, size and activity level of your pet. Iams recommends approximately 2 cans of wet Adult Chunks for a 40-lb. dog, or 694 calories daily. For every 5 lbs. of weight, an 8 to 12-month old dog should consume 1/2 to 2/3 cans of Puppy Chunks.

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