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How to Use the Contour Core Sculpting System

How to Use the Contour Core Sculpting System How to Use the Contour Core Sculpting System


The Contour Core Sculpting System is an electrical muscle stimulation device, or EMS. This unit works by using an electrical charge to force muscle contraction. Building muscle require repetitive contraction and relaxation. EMS systems, such as Contour, provide a similar effect without having to lift weight or use resistance bands. Studies have not proven that EMS devices will aid to weight loss or build muscle mass.

Set Up

Step 1

Open up the package and separate the components. You should find the belt, gel pack, four AAA batteries, the M2 muscle stimulator and a clip.

Step 2

Flip the M2 stimulator over and slide off the battery compartment cover. If you are holding the stimulator with the label facing down and away from your body, pull the cover towards you with your fingers. Insert the batteries and replace the cover.

Step 3

Slide the clip into the holder that sits on top of the battery cover. The clip slides from the top downward.

Step 4

Insert the M2 stimulator into the belt holster with the two top wire connections facing up. Slide the stimulator in from the top on the holster downward until it clicks in place.

Step 5

Pull the blue paper away one gel patch. Press the pad down onto the belt inline with the outline in the belt center, the polka dot plastic is facing up. The connector, or wire, on the pad goes towards the flat edge of the belt. Repeat with a second pad over the next gel outline in the center section of the belt.

Step 6

Place two gel patches on the sides of the belt over the outlines, one goes on each side. The connectors for the gels point towards the center of the belt. It does not matter which gel goes in each section. They are all the same.

Step 7

Pull the connector wires from each gel patch through the two holes in the belts. The holes are near the flat edge and feed the wires through to the other side. One side pad and one center pad goes through each hole.

Step 8

Lift the end of the right end piece, with the flat edge facing your body, on the belt up. Slide one connector from the stimulator through the loop on the underside of the belt. Pull it the plugs on the wire under the center section of the belt, until they come out the other side. Insert the plugs from the stimulator into the connections from the gel pads. It does not matter which plugs goes into which connection.

Step 9

Grasp the remaining connection from the stimulator and slide it through the same loop. Attach those plugs to the gel connection on the same side as the loop. Tuck the excess wire into the center pocket of the belt.

Using the Belt

Step 1

Remove the polka dot covering off the pads. Save this covering to protect the gel packs after each use.

Step 2

Wrap the belt around your waist and connect it with the Velcro in the middle of your back.

Step 3

Turn the unit on by pressing the buttons on the M2 stimulator. There are two buttons, one for each side of the belt. The "plus" signs increase the speed and intensity. The "minus" signs decrease it. Use the stimulator for 10 to 15 minutes or as long as you are comfortable. As you adjust to the stimulation, you will increase the intensity to improve muscle stimulation.

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