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How to Use Jojoba Oil On a Face With Acne

How to Use Jojoba Oil On a Face With Acne How to Use Jojoba Oil On a Face With Acne How to Use Jojoba Oil On a Face With Acne


Native Americans have used jojoba oil for hundreds of years to treat skin conditions, including sores, sunburn and windburn. Jojoba oil is used in many skin and hair care products, including moisturizers, cosmetics and shampoo. The oil is similar to sebum, the oil excreted by human skin to moisturize the skin. Jojoba oil is noncomedogenic, meaning it does not clog pores. If you suffer from acne, jojoba oil can help keep your skin moist without seeping into your pores and causing further breakouts.

Step 1

Moisten a washcloth with jojoba oil to remove makeup and other cosmetics. The oil is safe to use around your eyes since it is not an irritant.

Step 2

Add six to 10 drops of jojoba oil to your moisturizer before applying it to acne-prone skin. The oil will help your moisturizer last all day since it does not evaporate.

Step 3

Place three to four drops of jojoba oil on your finger to spread over your lips as a lip balm. Many topical acne medications dry your skin and may migrate to your lips, leading to chapping and cracking.

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