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How to Use Eurax

How to Use Eurax How to Use Eurax How to Use Eurax


Eurax is a prescription medication used to treat a scabies infestation in the human body. Scabies are tiny mites that burrow under skin and cause an itchy rash. Eurax, available in a lotion or cream form, kills the scabies mites and ends the itching associated with the infestation. Eurax also treats itchy skin conditions not associated with scabies because of its soothing effect on inflamed skin.

Step 1

Take a shower to clean the skin thoroughly, just before bed. Dry the skin well with a towel.

Step 2

Shake the bottle of Eurax lotion well before applying the medication. This allows the medication to mix before application.

Step 3

Trim fingernails and toenails so the medication will absorb under the nail area better. This also prevents scratching the skin open because of the itching associated with the infestation.

Step 4

Apply Eurax in a thin layer to the entire body, below the neck. Pay special attention to skin folds and under the fingernails when applying the medication.

Step 5

Avoid placing Eurax to the face or mucous membranes. Do not swallow the medication.

Step 6

Wear comfortable clothing for sleeping and rest on clean sheets.

Step 7

Wash all of the contaminated towels, clothing and bed linens in hot water, the next morning. Do not bathe or wash the skin.

Step 8

Apply a second dose of Eurax on the second night without showering first.

Step 9

Wait 24 more hours to bathe again. The time between applying the first dose of Eurax and bathing should be at least 48 hours. Wash all the medicine off the body.

Step 10

Treat all family members with Eurax, even if no symptoms appear, to prevent a reinfestation of the scabies.

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