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How to Use Baby Quasar Blue

How to Use Baby Quasar Blue How to Use Baby Quasar Blue


Baby Quasar Blue is a product that uses light therapy for the treatment of moderate to severe acne. The theory behind light therapy contends that certain wavelengths of light will kill bacteria causing inflammation and irritation on the skin. The light therapy stimulates a biochemical reaction that helps kill the bacteria. Baby Quasar Blue is available only by prescription and takes approximately 12 minutes to use.

Step 1

Plug the treatment wand into an electric outlet near a mirror.

Step 2

Set the device to the proper wave setting for your skin based on the instructions provided by your doctor. Pressing the "on" button, located on the back of the wand, one time sets the unit for continuous wave. Pressing twice sets Baby Blue to low frequency, and pressing three times establishes a high frequency. If you are unsure which setting to use, ask you doctor.

Step 3

Work in six sections on your face. Mentally divide your face vertically in half as if applying a grid across it. The center line runs downward from your forehead, over your nose and ends at the chin. Then, add two more grids lines moving horizontally to create three even rows over the face.

Step 4

Press the active device lightly against the skin in the first area of your grid. This would be the skin on the forehead to your left. Apply just enough pressure to keep the wand on the skin surface. You should not see light coming from the wand if you are pressing correctly. Move the wand over the surface of area one until you hear a beep from the Baby Blue timer.

Step 5

Move clockwise to section two, the right side of your forehead. Continue to move clockwise, applying the treatment to each section until the device beeps. The beep is your signal to move the wand clockwise to the next area. Each section treatment takes two minutes.

Step 6

Turn the unit off at the end of the session by pressing the button on the back until the LED light is goes dark.

Step 7

Unplug the unit and clean the wand by wiping an alcohol swab over the light surface. This will kill bacteria on the unit. Store the device until the next treatment.

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