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How to Treat Dry, Chapped Lips

How to Treat Dry, Chapped Lips How to Treat Dry, Chapped Lips How to Treat Dry, Chapped Lips


Most people get chapped lips on occasion. They can be painful and irritating, and licking your lips only makes things worse. Severe chapped lips may even crack or bleed. Consult a doctor if chapped lips don't go away. Chronic chapped lips could be a sign of a fungal infection or underlying health problem.

Step 1

Apply an oil-based lubricating cream or lip balm containing petrolatum or beeswax, recommends Mayo Clinic dermatologist Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D.

Step 2

Before going outside, use cream or balm that contains sunscreen. Reapply often and don't spend too much time in the sun.

Step 3

Use unflavored lip balm if flavored lip balm tempts you to lick your lips. Saliva evaporates rapidly, leaving your lips drier than before you licked them.

Step 4

Drink plenty of water. Your lips will dry out if your body is devoid of fluids. Aim to drink eight to 10 cups of water or any non-caffeinated beverage every day.

Step 5

Keep the air in your home humid with a humidifier. You also can place a pan or pot of water on a radiator or stove, but keep children away from it to avoid injury.

Step 6

Toss cosmetics or skin care products that contain possible irritants or allergens, such as fragrances or dyes. Replace with hypoallergenic products.

Step 7

Breathe through your nose. Breathing through your mouth can dry out your lips.

Step 8

Stop smoking, which evaporates natural oils from your lips.

Step 9

Review medications you're taking. Certain acne medications can dry out your lips. Talk to your doctor about switching medications.

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