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How to Test Skin Care Creams

How to Test Skin Care Creams How to Test Skin Care Creams


Whether you're in the grocery store, drugstore or a beauty counter in a department store, you're liable to see a huge variety of skin care creams. Skin care creams are often used to moisturize skin, delay or reverse aging and treat acne, and manufacturers use a variety of chemicals and ingredients to assist in these purposes. While most over-the-counter skin creams are safe, some people might have a reaction to certain ingredients. Therefore, performing a skin patch test prior to using a new skin care cream is a good idea.

Step 1

Use either your finger or a Q-tip to place a few drops of the skin care cream onto the gauze part of the band-aid, explains Wildcrafted Herbal Products. Place the band-aid over the skin on the inner part of your forearm.

Step 2

Wash the product thoroughly from your hands and fingers, and any other areas it might have contacted other than the skin under the band-aid.

Step 3

Wait 24 hours and avoid showering or sweating excessively, suggests DermNet NZ. Then, carefully lift the band-aid. Check the skin underneath for any signs of redness, bumps, itchiness, blistering or pain. If you notice any of these symptoms, wash the area thoroughly with a mild soap and water and discontinue use of the product.

Step 4

Apply the skin care cream as directed. Be on the lookout for any patches of redness, hives or itchiness that may develop. If you notice these symptoms, wash your skin and discontinue use of the cream.

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