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How to Take Care of Skin in Your 50s

How to Take Care of Skin in Your 50s How to Take Care of Skin in Your 50s


As you age, your skin becomes drier and small lines start to develop near your eyes and lips. Skin discoloration may also occur during the aging process. Most women want to age gracefully, however without proper skincare, that is an almost impossible dream. Skin care in your 50s means a whole new outlook on products and routines to stop time dead in its tracks when it is wreaking havoc on your skin.

Step 1

Exfoliate your skin daily with a gentle exfoliating cleanser. This will slough off dry skin and increase circulation, which in turn promotes collagen fiber growth and development.

Step 2

Moisturize your skin after cleansing to keep skin well hydrated. Vitamin E-enriched moisturizers work well for healing of age spots and helping collagen production plump out wrinkles and fine lines. Use a moisturizing sunscreen when you anticipate sun exposure to eliminate damaging UV rays' effects on the skin.

Step 3

Have a chemical peel at your local skin care clinic. A chemical peel will expose fresh, new skin that is softer and plumper. This will also reduce age spot appearance by removing damaged skin.

Step 4

Apply a retinol cream to the skin daily. Retinol creams stimulate collagen fiber formation in the skin and help in reduction of fine lines and age spots.

Step 5

Drink eight to 10 glasses of water per day. This keeps the skin hydrated from the inside out, while removing helping the body to remove toxins. Water keeps skin clear and plump.

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