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How to Stop Oily Skin on the Face

How to Stop Oily Skin on the Face How to Stop Oily Skin on the Face


Oily skin is a common problem affecting millions of individuals worldwide, especially adolescents. If you have oily skin, your sebaceous glands (glands that produce oil called sebum, which lubricates your skin) produce more oil than is required and are overactive. There are many causes of oily skin, including heredity, hot weather, diet, cosmetic use, hormonal imbalance and pregnancy. If left untreated, oily skin make you more prone to acne breakouts and other skin problems.

Step 1

Remove excess facial oil by applying an astringent before going to bed. Make sure to wash your face with a mild soap to get rid of dirt and makeup before applying. Soak a clean piece of cotton with the astringent and wipe your face in a circular motion gently for 30 seconds or until the cotton turns black from the oils and dirt. Using a facial astringent once a day can help you remove excess oil from your face. You don't have to apply facial astringent more than once. Using too much facial astringent will cause your skin to produce more sebum. When purchasing a facial astringent, look for an ingredient called acetone, which is a fat and grease solvent.

Step 2

Apply a clay mud mask to your face one to two times a week to lessen oily facial skin. Clay mud masks work by absorbing dirt and dead skin cells along with excess oil. Wash your face and follow the directions on the product packaging before applying the mask to your face.

Step 3

Use a clean facial tissue to wipe off excess oil. Gently wipe your face with tissue when you feel your skin is getting oily. Additionally, you can use oil-absorbing facial wipes, which are available at your local drugstore. These can also help you remove excess facial oil.

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