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How to Stop Dry Skin

How to Stop Dry Skin How to Stop Dry Skin


Dry skin is quite evident in its itchy and sometimes painful discomfort. Dry skin can be the result of anything from cold winter weather to certain medical conditions. If itching, peeling and even cracking have become a problem, then it's time to take action. With a few lifestyle adjustments, you may find a way to relieve your dry skin before it gets worse.

Step 1

Bathe only as often as necessary because water and soap can strip the skin of natural oils. Opt for a mild moisturizing soap that is free of fragrances and alcohols. For a more soothing bath that can help to moisturize the skin, add 2 cups colloidal oatmeal to the water before you get in. Soak in the water for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash your body with the oatmeal by pouring some into the center of a clean cloth and tying up the ends so it can't get out. Dampen the cloth and wash your body. Pat your skin dry with a soft towel so as not to irritate it further when you get out.

Step 2

Moisturize your skin often with vegetable or olive oil by rubbing it gently into your skin. These oils are a natural and effective alternative to commercial lotions. If you would rather use a store-bought lotion, then it should be oil-based, scent-free and without harsh chemicals. Moisturize your skin after you bathe, before you go to bed, and at least three to four other times throughout the day.

Step 3

Protect your skin from the chafing elements of dry, cold weather with gloves and scarves. Use an oil-based sunscreen of at least SPF 15 or greater to protect your skin from the sun year-round.

Step 4

Wear clothing that is soft and avoid fabrics such as wool, which can irritate dry skin.

Step 5

Place a humidifier in your home to keep the air from becoming too dry and drying out your skin. Keep the humidifier in the bedroom while you sleep.

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